Mike Trout is Ruining Prospects For Us All

Mike Trout is really good. Love that he plays here locally.

The Dynasty Guru

It was entirely predictable. Once Mike Trout got the call to the majors on April 28th and decided to immediately become the best player in baseball, you could see the next question out of people’s mouths from a mile away. Who is going to be the next Mike Trout?

The problem with that question is that there are many ways you can define it. If you take it strictly on face value and are wondering when we’ll see another player come up from the minors and be as talented as Mike Trout, the answer is probably not for a while. Trout (along with fellow rookie Bryce Harper) is a generational talent, the likes of which we may not see again for another 15-20 years, if that. But you can also look at that question as meaning “who is the next player who was a little overlooked in the draft, but…

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10 Post-Hype Pitchers for 2016

This article points out how Tyler Skaggs should make the Angels better this year.

The Dynasty Guru

After taking a look at 10 post-hype hitters for 2016, I’ll continue with ten post-hype pitchers to targeting. All of these arms make for solid picks in the later rounds, or names to keep an eye on if they go undrafted. Although the success rate for these players is lower than that of normal sleepers, they also tend to be undervalued or underowned in fantasy leagues.

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Angel’s Upcoming Season

The Angels are like bears in hibernation, once you wake them up they don’t stop. We have seen this happen from time to time but it doesn’t stay long. The Angels use to be the leaders in the AL West multiple times in the past 15 years. The Angels have been going after new left fielders like “Ji-Man Choi who could factor into the Angels’ left field competition. Daniel Nava and Craig Gentry are expected to form a left field platoon. Choi has struggled to stay on the field in recent seasons, but he’s healthy entering Spring Training. Interestingly, Choi taught himself how to switch-hit during a 80 plate appearance 2016 season. He’s naturally a left-handed hitter. ” The Angels should get lucky with one of their trades and get a great player that can assist the team to the World Series. Also The Angel’s star player Mike Trout ” Hopes to steal more bases in 2016. “I gotta get my confidence back,” says Trout, referring to his base-stealing. Trout led the AL with 49 steals in 2012, but that number dropped to 11 (against seven caught stealings) in 2015. Trout is, obviously, plenty valuable whether he steals bases or not.” Trout should make it to where he gets on first and within the next batter he is on second. This would cause the other teams pitcher to be more nervous. The Angels Third baseman David Freese was a clutch for the Angels the whole time they had him but they didn’t even attempt to resign him. Looking at the Angel’s Roster today makes me feel like i don’t know that team because of all their players that are coming and going. This year lets hope the Angels get back onto their feet and show the west what they use to be.


Angels and Their Star Players

The Angel’s have had rough seasons because some of their star players have been having a rough time going through their ups and downs hitting .500 at some times then hitting .100 or worse at other times. Other times their pitchers will do great pitching for a month with a 1.00 ERA then the next month they will pitch with a 6.00 ERA. There will be times when someone hits 10 home runs one month then strike out 20 times the next month. With their stars having ups and down they lose more games because they all don’t click together at times. This upcoming season people are hoping this changes and they all click together so they can have the Angels that will win the World Series. The Angels have only won one World Series and that was in 2002 when they did not have many star player they were just a group of players that just clicked and played perfectly together. The Astros had a bunch of no name and they were destroying everyone the previous season and that is because they all clicked together. This click is what the Angels are missing and that is because the slumps that are swapped around from all their players. Pujols seemed to be getting over the slumps he has been having, Weaver has been doing better with his pitching, But Trout has stopped stealing bases which is what he needs to more and he will be more distracting to the pitcher who has to worry about the fast guy that is leading off of first base to prevent a double play. The Angels do great when they click.

Baseball 2016

Now that the Football season is over it’s time to get ready for Baseball. Pitchers and catchers are going to Spring Training in one week. I am so excited for the 2016 season and hope to even get out to spring training. I usually go to about 40-50 games of the Angels season and getting ready to see some teams I have never seen play before like the Reds and the Cubs. The Cubs have some star players like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and Angels old pitcher John Lackey. The Cubs are coming on opening day and it’s going to be fun to watch Kris Bryant play vs. Mike Trout. Both are young allstar players and should be a good game. When the Reds come it should be a good game also they have some star players like Joey Votto, Brandon Phillips, and Billy Hamilton.

Kris Bryant has so much power at the plate he has hit the scoreboard on the fly. It would be so cool to see Bryant hit the Angels scoreboard in person.

Jackie Robinson Success and Troubles

Jackie Robinson grew up and changed history for all of baseball the number 42 is now retired throughout all baseball. Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Ga. Jackie Robinson grew up fighting for fairness to himself in sports. Jackie Robinson was amazing at baseball, basketball, and football. Jackie Robinson went to UCLA and played football, baseball, and basketball. Baseball was the one game he wasn’t as good at as he was at the other sports. During the war Jackie was drafted and was given an honorary discharge. Jackie was threatened like a man would threaten him like he was a slave with death. At this time in history people still believed in slavery and blacks being property so they wanted him to quit or die because he was an amazing player. There were many death threats not just because he was playing baseball but also because he was good at it and showing up the white players. His first game was on April 15, 1947. When Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers some of the players on his team tried to kick him off the team by signing papers to give to the manager. Jackie then 28 was not discouraged and he kept playing and showed up all the people who didn’t like him by being one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Jackie was the first black baseball player and was an inspiration to many generations of baseball players because he did not fall into the traps people were making to kick him out of baseball. People bullied him and tried crushing his dreams but that did not work against him because he was very strong not just physically but also emotionally. He died of a heart attack at the age of 53.

Puig’s journey 

Yasiel Puig is a 25 year old Cuban baseball player that came to America and now plays in the MLB. Puig plays outfield on the Los Angeles Dodgers and is and exciting player to watch for his speed, power, and skill. Everything may seem like a smooth trip but he had been trying to leave Cuba for about a year.  Continue reading

Diamondbacks 2016

The Dodgers starter and All Star pitcher Zack Greinke is now on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Greinke went 19 and 3 on the 2015 season. He was the starting pitcher in the all start game for the National League team. Zack was the Gold Glove award winner in the 2015 season. The Diamondbacks are also getting Shelby Miller to pitch with Greinke.